What We Do

We design and produce pop up dinners, COOKING CLASSES, and unique food experiences.

Gathering people together around food is special; we make it inspired. We craft memorable experiences for people by activating an interplay of senses through our shared love of food, creativity, and the unusual.

Nothing excites us more than pushing the boundaries of what we know. Our ideas are born from a vigilant curiosity about what we see, make, and eat. From each plated ingredient to the tabletop and decor, we design unique dining concepts for out-of-the-box thinkers and doers.


Giuseppe Catanzariti, chef

Giuseppe believes food should be celebrated and respected, clean, whole and not over-processed, and that cooking should preserve the natural flavors of each ingredient. From his extensive travels across Europe to the Middle East, South America to Canada, he's taken influence from each culture's cuisine, techniques, and cooking styles. It all began as a kid in his family's kitchen and restaurant, where he learned his Nonna and Momma’s cooking traditions from Calabria, southern Italy. Other culinary figures that have helped shape his career are Chef Sarah Stegner (two-time James Beard Award winner, Green City Market), George Bumbaris (Ritz Carlton, Prairie Fire), and Giuseppe Tutori (GT Fish & Oyster, Boka Group). He has been featured on news and cooking shows and catered private events for political dignitaries, music, television, and major sports personalities. He was Executive Chef at Pane Caldo and Francesca's Forno, Chef at Main Street Grill, and Co-owner and Chef of Culinary Connection in South Bend, Indiana.

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Sonia Yoon, Creative Director

Sonia is a designer, artist, and organizer. She loves to create moments that generate mindfulness and curiosity for people. Cultivating creative experiments, collaborative mash-ups, and social experiences are her passions and extensions of her studio practice. Operating under many monikers as a visual artist and as collaborator, she's produced artist books, installations, sculptures, video, sound, and music performances. She has curated exhibitions and events for galleries and alternative spaces, organized a bartering system for artist services, worked with national and international artists at the Mattress Factory museum, and helped carve out an instrumental space in Chicago as a co-founder of Threewalls. By day, Sonia is a graphic designer and creative producer. By midnight, she practices the art of cooking for loved ones.

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